At Golden Heaven Puppies, in an effort to expand our breeding program, but ensure that our breeding dogs get the maximum amount of interaction with their families, we have implemented our Guardian Home Dog Program. We’ve have tried to come up with a way to expand our breeding program, but have struggled with the idea of having too many dogs that would get too little of our time.  We believe we have found a good solution that benefits not only us, but the family that may not be able to afford to purchase or want to pay the going rate for a healthy AKC Registered Golden Retriever.

With this fantastic program, you pay 1/2 the normal companion puppy price for the Pick of the Litter Puppy. Our contract then allows you to become the proud owner of our most beautiful and choice dogs…the Pick of the Litter Puppies at this great discounted price and we will actually PAY you as well so that this dog can become yours for FREE! All these puppies are Cream of the Crop and hand picked by us as the Best of the Best!  In exchange, the family agrees to follow the conditions as written in our Guardian Home Contract while it is in our breeding program.  When the dog is retired from breeding (after a minimum of 3 to 4 litters), the dog would be spayed/neutered and full AKC Registration and ownership is transferred to the Guardian family.  The dog remains with its family to continue his/her life with them.


  • Live within a reasonable driving distance to Eagle Mountain, Utah (transportation to and from Golden Heaven Puppies) is the responsibility of the Guardian Family).
  • The dog must live in the house a majority of the time.
  • Have a fully secured and fenced back yard.
  • Feed pawTree Dog Food or a dog food pre-approved by Golden Heaven Puppies.
  • Have no other intact dogs of the opposite sex in the home.
  • Provide socialization and basic obedience at home or from obedience classes. 
  • Understand the issues and responsibilities of caring for an intact breeding dog, and if in doubt, be willing to call and discuss any questions with us.
  • Agree to provide regular health and veterinary care and keep vaccinations current.
  • Communicate freely with us about the health and conditions of the dog.
  • Provide photos and updates of the dog to us.
  • Agree to the following until the puppy has reached its full bone growth (around 2 years of age) so that we can insure that the health of the joints are not compromised due to environment:
  1. Provide regular exercise for the dog and don’t overfeed so the dog maintains a healthy weight.​
  2. Limit the intensity of running, for example: running long distance, playing intense/long games of fetch.
  3. Limit the jumping in/out of vehicles which puts stress on the elbow joints.
  4. Keep the dog on the first floor of the home so that the dog is not going up and down stairs, which puts strain on growing joints.

The choice of a Guardian Family is entirely the decision of Golden Heaven Puppies and will be determined after a Questionnaire is completed, and a discussion has been had. Not all interested families are chosen as we need to ensure that our breeding dogs are placed in the right families that fully understand the process. If you are interested in the possibility of becoming a Guardian Family, we encourage you to text or call us.