About Us

Welcome to Golden Heaven Puppies! I’ve been a dog lover since I was a little girl. Growing up my mom couldn’t turn stray dogs away, so I grew up caring for, taking care of and loving all kinds of breeds.

When I got married we got a beautiful purebred Chocolate Lab and a Schnauzer mix from the pound. I bred my Chocolate Lab girl and she had 6 beautiful puppies, After that litter, I decided not to do it again. 17 years later we had to put our beautiful lab to sleep (our Schnauzer had passed away 2 years prior).

I couldn’t see my life without a dog so we got Rosie our beautiful Dark Field American Golden Retriever. I decided to breed again and I just fell in love with breeding and taking care of puppies. I am always trying to learn as much as I can so I can breed the best golden retrievers. Each one of our puppies are raised inside our home from the moment they are born. I strive to raise well-socialized puppies with the best temperament, and each puppy is played with daily by our children and their friends.

You can feel confident that all of our puppies are treated with the utmost love and care and that you will be receiving a top quality puppy that will become a loving companion.

Why Goldens

Golden’s are such a special breed. They’re beautiful, friendly, intelligent, fun and oh so playful.  Their loving personality is unmistakable! They want to be with you, eager to please and that highly trainable temperament is what’s so desired.  I fell in love with this breed and want to share this with you. Each puppy is a part of our family, and I can’t wait to share a part of our family with yours!